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     Camping has long been a treasured pastime for outdoors lovers all over the world. People enjoy camping in a variety of locations and climates, from mountains, to forests, to lakesides, to deserts. Finding and buying sufficient and appropriate camping equipment is a daunting task; many do not know what to take and what to leave out. There are two key points to consider when shopping for camping sports equipment. Safety is first and foremost. It is also extremely important to consider the weather in which you will be camping, and buy or pack your gear accordingly. Basically, your equipment needs to be suitable to adapt to any kind of weather, durable, compact, and not to complicated to assemble or use. Also, when living outdoors, it is important to consider environmental cleanliness, as well as any wildlife in the area. With these key considerations in mind, it becomes relatively easy to list exactly what you will need, and shop accordingly. Until recently, camping gear was designed simply to stand up to the elements. Today, we have access to a range of equipment designed with increased comfort in mind, from sleeping gear to cooking, to hygiene. There is a wide variety of equipment available to us today, catering to desires such as easy assembly, climate capabilities, and comfort.